Veronica Vleck


Ph.D., Staffordshire University, 2003:
“Triathlete Training and Injury Analysis”: Development of training diary based models for monitoring training status so as to prevent maladaptation and optimise performance in elite endurance athletes.

M.Sc. Sports Science, Loughborough University, 1993:
Psychology of Optimal Sports Performance, Motivation in Sport, Physiology of High Intensity & Endurance Exercise; Exercise Promotion and Prescription, Exercise & Health, Research Methods.

B.Sc. Hons. Biochemistry, Edinburgh University, 1991:
Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Physiology, Cell Metabolism, Cell Biology, Quantitative Biology.


1997-2000 National Sports Medicine Institute of the UK (Laboratory Director, 2000):
Integrated sports science and coaching support for clinical, exerciser and novice to Elite athletes in multiple sports. Set up and was head coach for ‘Pro-Fit’ triathlon club. Coaching up to Olympic selection level in triathlon. Shortlisted for National Coach/ Performance Director Position: Triathlon South Africa 2001, Performance Directorship, Triathlon New Zealand, 2017.

2000 onwards, various Olympic Teams (including 2 Olympic silver medalists in triathlon):
Performance modelling, technical analyses, & sports science support (including training diary monitoring and design).

1998 to 2013.
Chair, Medical & Research Committee, European Triathlon Union. Major role and responsibility in the medical support setup for the pre-Olympic 2011 European Triathlon Championships, and a research/ medical logistics related role at the 2013 (World Championship), 2014 and 2015 ITU London triathlons.

Invited speaker

 – 2nd ITU World Conference on Science and Medicine in Triathlon, 2013
 – 6th International Congress of Physical Education & Human Movement
 – 12th São Paulo State Symposium of Physical Education, Brazil, 2009
 – ECSS Annual Congress, 2008
 – First United States Olympic Training Centre & USA Triathlon Congress, 2004

Books / Book chapters

Vleck, V (2010). ‘Triathlete Training and Injury Analysis- an investigation in British National Squad and age-group triathletes.’ VDM Verlag Publishers. Saarbrucken, Germany.

Vleck (2018). The changing relationship between multidisciplinary (triathlon) exercise and health across the lifespan. In Research on Human Kinetics- multidisciplinary perspectives (Eds. Alves F, Rosado O, Pereira LM, Araujo D). Lisbon University Press.

Vleck, V.E. (2010). ‘Triathlon Injury.’ In ‘Epidemiology of Injury in Olympic Sports.’ International Olympic Committee ‘Encyclopaedia of Sports Medicine’ Series pp 294-320. Blackwell Publications.

Millet, G.P; & Vleck, V.E. (2011). ‘Triathlon specificity.’ In Swimming: Science and performance (Eds: L. Seifert, D. Chollet and I. Mujika). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Piacentini, M.F., Bianchini LA, Mingati C, Sias M, Di Castro A, Vleck V (2019). “Is the bike segment of modern Olympic triathlon more a transition towards running in males than it is in females?” Special Issue (Vleck V, Piacentini MF, Hoeden D, Eds.): Maximising triathlon health and performance: the state of the art.” Sports 2019, 7(4), 76; – 29 Mar 2019

Piacentini MF, Vleck V, Lepers R (in press). “Effect of age on the sex difference in Ironman triathlon Performance.” Original research article. Special Issue on Masters athletes (Lepers, Ed.) “Les athlètes masters : l ´´age n´est qu´ un nombre. Masters athletes: age is just a number.” Science et Motricité/Movement and Sport Science

Vleck, V & Hoeden, D (in press). Epidemiological aspects of illness and injury. In Triathlon Medicine (Ed: S. Migliorini). Springer.

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