Training Plans

The biggest challenge, especially for amateur athletes, is to find the right balance between your family life, your work life and your training commitments.

Therefore, the first thing that you and your personal coach are going to do, is to assess your individual situation and come up with a plan that enables you to make the most of the time you have available. After all your training commitments should not be an additional source of stress, putting a strain on you and your environment, but an enrichment and support in your life.

After a detailed initial assessment, involving the exploration of your availability to train and the setting of realistic goals, each of the individual steps of the training control loop (Figure 1, below) are tackled in the best possible manner.

Our main focus lies in the area of training control and planning. However, we cover the content and discipline specific aspects of its individual disciplines (see staff profiles for swimming and running) as well as working on the force, stabilisation and mobility related components of training and performance. Finally, taking everyday life and diet into account, we merge all these sub-components of training and performance into a unified whole!

training procedure



With the help of the latest technology you will receive your weekly training schedule directly on your smartphone or computer. Your workouts will synchronise automatically and then be analysed and modified by us. This way you get the best possible care in the most efficient way.

Fees and prices

Wir bringen dir gerne den Triathlonsport näher bzw. begleiten dich fachmännisch in Bezug auf deine selbstgesetzten Ziele. Dies geschieht bei uns anfangs mit einer empfohlenen Gesundenuntersuchung und Laufanalyse sowie in weiterer Folge in Form eines Trainingsplans, welcher dir wöchentlich nach gemeinsamer Absprache zugesandt wird. So können wir gemeinsam, kurzfristig und  individuell auf Veränderungen reagieren und die vorhandenen Ressourcen optimal nutzen! Deine individuell angefertigten Pläne erhältst du monatlich ab €155.-

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