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The fusion of three different disciplines into one is what makes this young and popular endurance sport, with all its interactions and cross over effects, so complex and exciting. The sum of the three individual disciplines, within a properly planned, executed and evaluated training schedule of course, is therefore far more than a simple addition of them. Especially if you take the effects of cross training and accompanying training into account.

In triathlon it is not only the athlete’s body that gets challenged on many different levels, mental strength is another factor that must be taken into account. Here at triathlon- research we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible, individually fitted, tailor made training schedule. We take everything of importance into account and do our best to make your training fit in with your weekly routine. Only by considering factors like family and work, as well as training commitments, is it possible for you to pursue your passion in a way that allows you to push yourself and to get the most out of each training session.

Due to regular participation at international congresses we can always keep our athletes up to date with news, trends and current triathlon-based research from all over the world!

We are here to help you reach your goals. Learn more about our highly qualified team.

Triathlon? Swimming? Running? Cycling? Or simply fitness? Whatever you need, we got you covered. With our personalised tailor- made training plans.

A plan is only as good as its execution and subsequent evaluation and adaption. Again, we are here for you and check and evaluate your progression with you.

We are constantly striving to get better- research is an integral part of this endeavour!

Tailor made training plans for you

We are with you, every step of the way. Our individual training control, which doesn’t only include the plan itself, but also its evaluation and analysis in conjunction with our training software, ensures that you get weekly feedback on your progression and that you can always adapt your training accordingly.

It doesn’t matter if your focus lies on an individual triathlon related discipline (swimming, cycling, running) or on cross or fitness training (i.e. strength, stability, flexibility training), we got you covered, and you can trust our discipline specific expertise.

Key Data in Triathlon Research

Get an insight look into the world of triathlon. The world’s largest research study on topics such as training habits, dietary supplements and injuries in the sport of long- distance triathlon will help you to gain a better understanding of this exciting discipline.

1159 Participants

43 Nations

Sex specific

Discipline specific

Influence each discipline has on your training schedule

Exercise habits and injuries differ according to event distances

Types of injuries

Most common triathlon related injuries (overall and discipline related)


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Sportwissenschaftler, Betriebswirt, Lehrbeauftragter an der Bspa Graz sowie am  Sportwissenschafts- und Universitätssportinstitut.  Staatl. geprüfter Triathlon- und Schwimm- Trainer, eh. Leistungsschwimmer.

Sportwissenschafter, Lehrbeauftragter am Universitätssportinstitut Graz, staatl. geprüfter Schwimm-, Langlauf- und Triathloninstruktor, ehemaliger professioneller ETU und ITU Triathlet, medizinischer Therapeut


Markus Reiterer

Before competing in my first triathlon I hired David as a coach and Im very happy about my decision. I'm progressing on a steady rate and the training plans fit perfectly into my weekly work- family- training schedule. David always takes the time to give me detailed feedback and instructions.

Eva Scheucher

The training plans I get from "triathlon- research" are tailor made for me and perfectly fit in around my otherwise busy work schedule. They challenge me, but within reasonable bounds. Thanks!


You don’t won’t to work out by yourself? Look no further- we have the solution. Simply join our club and profit from the positive energy created by a good group dynamic.

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